vDice: Ethereums New Gambling Platform

vDice: Ethereums New Gambling Platform

Updated on: May 4th, 2020 2020-05-04 20:17:46
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Here is a story. Everything has a story. This story is about vDice; one the most exciting Dapps in Ethereum. Here is where it came from and how it came to be. For the uninitiated, vDice is a decent

Here is a story. Everything has a story. This story is about vDice; one the most exciting Dapps in Ethereum. Here is where it came from and how it came to be.

For the uninitiated, vDice is a decentralized gambling platform built using Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and Oracle technology. It is something different. It is the beginning of something big.

I started working for ethereum in 2014. It was an exciting time. The team was just forming. The network was an embryo; a germ of an idea, slowly but relentlessly taking shape.

Vitalik’s original whitepaper was the source of inspiration. With its incredible promise, it excited us all.

Through 2015 and 2016 I was stationed at ETHDev HQ in Berlin. I was surrounded by the greatest minds in cryptography, computer science, blockchain and distributed systems. It was incredible. Dr. Gavin Wood was the lead, steering the ship from his side office.

He did a great job. We all learned so much from him. I remember many of his lectures in the common area, as ethereum was slowly taking shape over those two years.

One lecture really struck me. It was a talk on how one could do SatoshiDICE, implemented as an ethereum smart contract.

I knew SatoshiDICE. Everyone knew SatoshiDICE. It was such a huge and important part of the bitcoin story. It had become a critical piece of infrastructure on every public blockchain. Many would say that it was necessary for any new, public blockchain to have a SatoshiDICE style game.

But ethereum was different. Ethereum wasn’t just another bitcoin clone. With Gavin’s speech, I saw that you could do so much more with ethereum and this style of Blockchain gambling.

This must have really affected me. Two years later I was sitting in Berlin with Gavin and others. We were having a beer. The network had launched and was already a huge success. It was now the other big blockchain, worth over a billion dollars at the time.

Gavin was so busy working to make ethereum great at a lower, protocol level. He didn’t have much time to see what was happening at the application layer. I told him there was still no working, live implementation of SatoshiDICE. He was shocked.

I told him we were working on one. I could so in his face. I could see in his reaction. This was important and necessary work.

Now vDice exists. The ICO is an ongoing success. The game works, and the proof of concept is ready to go truly commercial. We are testing how fast and efficient we can get on-blockchain Tx in a production setting, through an Oracle.

vDice is the first casino that was able to develop a completely trusted platform by using the ethereum Blockchain technology. vDice.io owns itself, it is an autonomous entity, executing as code on the ethereum p2p network. It lives in the ‘Ether’; in the realm of ideas and magic. For now, the gambling site is only offering traditional dice gambling over the blockchain, but after crowdsale, the site developers have a lot of plans on their way.


We are providing the ethereum ecosystem with a necessary piece of infrastructure.

This alone does not guarantee the success of vDice, and that is where the funding stage comes in. All the proceeds from the ICO will be used to further market and develop the vDice Dapp in order to make it the go-to place for Ethereum-based betting. Not only will vDice market their gambling platform, but they will also make it faster and more reliable. You can read all about it in the development roadmap and business plan.


Jason Colby
Jason was part of the original team that founded Ethereum. Based in the Berlin ETHDev HQ, he was with Ethereum 2014-2016. He enjoys working with Smart Contracts and believes they will change the world.

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