What is Coinbox.org: А brief guide on the safest crypto wallet

What is Coinbox.org: А brief guide on the safest crypto wallet

Updated on: April 6th, 2022 2022-04-06 13:46:12
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The blockchain is one of the most anonymous discoveries of recent times. It makes it possible to detour any border and restriction. That’s why governments don’t like it. That’s why all the internation

The blockchain is one of the most anonymous discoveries of recent times. It makes it possible to detour any border and restriction. That’s why governments don’t like it. That’s why all the international stock traders are extremely interested in the safe, trusty wallets for their actives. Yes, we have numerous brands but do we have quality?

Why do we need this wallet?


The development in the crypto world has maximum freedom. No big corporations, no obscurant policies, just pure skill and will to create an alternative financial system.  The problem is that the majority of the continental bitcoin resources is that they are just frauds and phishing. These sites quickly open but just wait a couple of months – and you’ll never hear a word about their founders. And you will never find them due to the high level of protection of personal data. That’s why you need a trusty dealer and keeper of the wallets.


After the nitpicking search, we’ve found a platform with a real fidelity. The name of the domain is Coinbox.org. Its own encrypted wallet and an application with plenty of features.


About the wallet

If you want to find very innovative content and analytic articles – this is not the case. The brand is running another type of business. This place is concentrated on the wallet service. But you can have a typical digest of the world blockchain and cryptocurrency news right on the front page. This is not a flaw at all. The blockchain is the worldwide market and the most illustrious technologies in this sphere today are concentrated in Eastern Asia but also have perspectives in other regions. Coinbox.org just collects all the modern trends and provides one of the safest wallets ever to newcomers and experienced traders. 

How do we start


The Coinbox.org is the rookie-friendly site. You don’t need any knowledge in the blockchain principles. Just download the application and start your business career!


The entrance is the simplest thing. Visit Coinbox.org and first read about the new trends. Just for the context of your work. Then the newcomer must:


  1. To do initial registration. If you want to operate via a mobile device – just download the apk file or the application from the official web-stores of Android and iOS;
  2. Log in;
  3. Here is your “Wallet” tab. This is the place, where you trace your actives;
  4. Choose the “Buy” tab if you want to acquire BTC;
  5. The same operation goes with the process of the sale of cryptocurrency;
  6. You need to confirm the transaction every time;
  7. The current exchange rates are in the “Prices” tab. You don’t need to log out for the real quick look on the short trends on stock exchanges;
  8. The section for the referrals is “Invite”. Just copy the link from there and put in into sending emails to your friends;
  9. The encryption of your operations and other security lies in the “Settings” tab;
  10. The tech support contacts are also in this tab;
  11. The ways to cover your operations are the additional verification codes and checkout letters to your registration e-mail.


All the above operations are valid in a browser and mobile app.

What are the main features of Coinbox.org?


You can recognize a stock market fraud easily. The site has no unique offers, referrals, or any signs of bonuses for their customers. Luckily, Coinbox.org has plenty of significant features:


  • Pretty simple but useful and light interface. It works even with the slow Internet;
  • Easy way to buy and sell bitcoin in every country;
  • Safe and decentralized vault for your actives. Coinbox.org provides enhanced options of security;
  • More than 15 hundred of coins and tokens;
  • The full support of ERC20;
  • Coinbox.org is the most convenient way to exchange your coins worldwide; 
  • No hidden subscribes, fees, taxes;
  • No spam, or every type of unwanted advertising;
  • A history of your every transaction in details;
  • No limits on your activity in the Coinbox wallet. Also, this wallet has no restrictions for the location of its customers;
  • Your activity log is encrypted in the blockchain. No one can trace your crypto investing;
  • Coinbox allows you to withdraw BTCs to your SEPA details in every country of the European Union;
  • Supports transactions on Paypal in 187 countries; 
  • Trace the current exchange ratio right in your application;
  • Actual digest about the world of mining, crypto coins, technical crypto solutions, etc
  • Invite your friends, by the referral and get a bonus of up to 80% of their commission;
  • Login via face-id, touch-id, or classical passwords and codes;
  • Verification of your operations via email;
  • Your BTC address is switched after every transaction. It is a unique anonymous feature as for the anonymous and easy wallet; 
  • Notifications about every transaction;
  • Really good tech support, working all day long;
  • QR-codes for the purchases;
  • The coinbox application has the same powerful interface as the desktop version;
  • 750000 active users around the world;
  • 12000 operations every day.




Coinbox.org is one of the first reliable wallets in the crypto world. With time, the Coinbox.org will add even more killing features, and millions of satisfying clients will build their own startups. It is a powerful signal, that the blockchain worldwide is alive, robust, and very perspective. There will be other projects but as for today, Coinbox.org is a valid solution for starting your trading career and as the reserving source of crypto coins.


Andrew Zapotochny
Andrew is the CEO of Blockgeeks and is the founder of AZ Blockchain, a boutique blockchain marketing company and consultancy. With 10 years of international experience in blockchain technologies, Andrew is known for launching tech ventures, leading marketing strategy development across dynamic fronts, and driving teams in executing digital campaigns, and creating successful new products. His entrepreneurial goal is to make blockchain accessible to all and create a mainstream hub for everyone to learn about blockchain technology. Andrew is super proud to have worked with global giants like KFC, Budweiser, Unilever, TD Bank, and government institutions. You can connect with Andrew on Linkedin.

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