What is Margex? – Margex Review

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What is Margex? - Margex Review Highly volatile cryptocurrency markets give traders the opportunity to multiply their profits by going long or short using leverage. Trading on margin allows traders

What is Margex? – Margex Review

Highly volatile cryptocurrency markets give traders the opportunity to multiply their profits by going long or short using leverage. Trading on margin allows traders to gain more exposure by borrowing funds and trading with the borrowed funds. However, the double-edged sword is that any losses are also multiplied.

Margex is a cryptocurrency margin trading platform established in 2020 and operated by Margex Trading Solutions Ltd and Incorporated in Seychelles focused on high-performance trading, user experience and complete order transparency.

The exchange targets cryptocurrency derivatives trading by offering:

  • Up to 100x adjustable isolated leverage on all trading pairs
  • Aggregated liquidity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom-built trading engine capable to handle up to 100,000 TPS
  • Cross-collaterals, allowing users to trade any existing pair with a collateral of their own preference
  • Full-fledged terminal with trading tools suitable for both novice and experienced traders

Emerging as one of the fastest growing margin trading exchanges, let’s take a look at what sets Margex apart.

User Interface

From the start, opening an account with Margex takes no more than a minute – from the registration process to the ability to trade.

The exchange, nominated for best-in-class user interface, combines an easy-to-navigate user interface with a suite of powerful tools, making it the go-to exchange for leveraged trading.

On the left side are the collateral and order windows, the middle part is occupied by the trading chart, above the chart is the list of trading pairs you can trade with, and on the right is the order book.

Below the chart is a field that shows all the information about your order, such as open price, current price, expected liquidation price, stop loss and take profit orders, fees paid, realized and unrealized PnL and RoE.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options Margex Deposit

The cryptocurrencies you can deposit on Margex also act as cross-collateral, meaning you can trade any existing pair with a collateral of your choice. E.g. you can deposit Bitcoin and use it as collateral to trade LTC/USD, and all trades will be settled in Bitcoin.

That being said, Margex’s ever-expanding list of cryptocurrency deposit options include BTC, ETH, USDC, LINK, USDP, wBTC, USDT and more, some of which are available on multiple chains, allowing users to deposit and withdraw without being penalized by on-chain congestion and high network fees.

Another way to fund the account is through a direct Changelly integration on the platform, which unlocks credit and debit card deposits.

Trading on Margex

In addition to being able to handle an intense load of 100,000 TPS, Margex’s intuitive design allows traders to take advantage of isolated margin and open both long and short trades on all major cryptocurrency trading pairs. Let’s overview some points of interest.

Trading Fees

The exchange aims to offer low fees, making it a competitive choice for traders when selecting an exchange. The fees for market makers (users who place limit orders) are 0.019% and for market takers (users who place market orders) are 0.060%.

Adjustable Leverage

The platform allows you to adjust the leverage from 5x to 100x leverage. Using the slider, users can execute their order in a quick and convenient way.

Stop-loss and Take-profit orders

Staying ahead of the competition, Margex offers simultaneous placement of stop-loss and take-profit orders by percentage or exact entry by users.

Aggregated liquidity

Margex combines the liquidity of over 12 liquidity providers, resulting in a deep order book capable of handling large orders without causing any significant price fluctuations. This allows the exchange to maintain the best entry and exit prices with thin spreads across all pairs even during high volatility hours.


Margex meets all security check marks with a custom-built security protocol. All of the user funds on the platform are stored in segregated cold-wallet storage. Additionally, there are series of user-focused security features such as email confirmation codes and alerts, 2FA, end-to-end data encryption

MP-Shield System

A unique development of Margex is the artificial intelligence-based system MP Shield. It serves as a permanent quality of life controller which monitors data feeds from all liquidity providers for irregularities and denies suspicious trading activities such as spoofing and bluffing.

Customer Support

24/7 live chat and email customer support with an average reply of 5 minutes is at the disposal of users for any questions. The platform also has a dedicated help center which should cover everyone’s needs when it comes to information on the go.


Margex is the cryptocurrency trading platform that doesn’t compromise on user experience. The user-friendly design is fast and responsive and is easy to grasp in hand. The speed of order execution is also within what is expected for a high-end product designed for those who want to keep track of every aspect of their trading thanks to the complete order information displayed.
The exchange offers high leverage for those looking to maximize their trading results, but it must be said that the more leverage used, the greater the risk.


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