New course: DeFi Trading 101

New course: DeFi Trading 101

Updated on: July 9th, 2020 2020-07-09 08:11:37
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Dive deeper into DeFi with Jeremy Guzman's course DeFi Trading 101 [su_button url="" tar

Dive deeper into DeFi with Jeremy Guzman’s course DeFi Trading 101

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A proud father of two, Sasha is the founder of Techbridge and has served as the CTO/COO of Blockgeeks. He likes to focus his expertise around Learning, Digital, Agile, and Decentralization. He’s enabling companies on Web1 and Web2 to transform their operations onto Web3. He provides technical consulting services to startups and enterprises that are seeking to incorporate emerging technologies into their products. He has created and nurtured over 10 self-organizing cross-functional development teams. His entrepreneurial instincts have led him to successfully launch an eco-tech non-profit startup. You can connect with Sasha on Linkedin.

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