Adding a Transaction

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Adding a Transaction

In blockchain, What if I made error when adding a transaction, is it reversable, or gone with the wind?


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The way I understand it, it’s gone. We need to be careful and double check addresses and such before we make any transactions. That’s why we’re here. Learning here is a lot less expensive.

There are services or agencies for getting back your stolen cryptos and wrong address transactions. So yes, they are “reversable” but probably not by ourselves, it’s a job for institutions or groups.

@Edin Brkic

When they get back your crypto (if they do) are they reversing a transaction or recording another transaction to correct the first?

I believe they can record a new transaction to correct a mistake. Say I send you a coin by mistake, that is recorded, then you send it back to correct my mistake, that is recorded. To reverse the transaction or go back and change the block is what can’t be done or the system is no longer secure.

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