Additional Security

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Additional Security
OK I am 61 years of age also a bloody minded Scotsman who likes to know where my pennies are at all times.

I run a top of the scale security on my tablet and on my mobile just for personal financial business also links to my banks but due to hacking etc I run a VPN 24/7 also an encrypted email address.
How would this crypto technology work alongside this VPN? Or am I assuming I would have to disable said VPN while using Crypto technology.



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Hey Ernie,

You don’t need to disable VPN to trade or use cryptocurrency since they are not anonymous but pseudonymous which means they are trackable no matter what (unless privacy coins). VPN gives secure on your internet connect address but no necessary secure your crypto trading footprint as transaction will be recorded on public ledger.

As long as you have secure your wallet aka private key you will be okay.

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