Blockchain in Ecommerce

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Blockchain in Ecommerce
I recently came across an Ecommerce business named Onda Origins(!w8Y1iArL!7RdXurBGbfRBl2uXctjFcA!QsxhgKjB) who are selling coffee using blockchain. 
They have a subscription based model and also a model that allows coffee farmers to sell directly to customers with their name on it. 

Why do we need to print the name of coffee farmer and how does blockchain come into play? 

I did some research on this and found it has got something to do with contango and backwardation, concepts common in commodity markets. How can we achieve hedging of coffee using blockchain using blockchain and cryptocurrency? 

Does anybody here know anything about Onda Origins' business model and implementation of blockchain in Ecommerce based businesses? How to get started?

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What is your question precisely?

Your first question relates to the tractability aspect of a blockchain. When a coffee farmer puts his name on his own product he ensures that people know who made their coffee. This provides the produce with a potentially valuable feedback loop whereby the product can be monitored and thus improved. The process by which people query the data on the coffee farmer could be provided by a blockchain which ensures the immutability, traceability and potential open, trustlessness and transparency of this process. It could also provide loyalty schemes and decentralized marketplaces and communities etc. You could come up with very interesting business models when you mold over the usecases for blockchains in supplychains.

What is your intention with the question how do I get started? If you wish to build a blockchain application for solving supply chain issues you are at the right spot here at blockgeeks. If you wish to implement a blockchain sollution into your business you should first determine what you wish to achieve by doing so.
I do not know anything about onda origins a quick google search leads me here: (
but there are a lot of information about interesting implementations of these blockchain use cases:

Big picture (the why):
Oil production:
Diamond tracing:
Food safety and production:

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