Career change to block chain

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Career change to block chain
I am Santhosh from India and my age is 45 yrs.I have no knowledge of any computer programming, but I am So interested to learn block chain technology and I want to change my career in block chain


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Hi Santhosh!

Check out this learning track for Blockchain 101 which takes you from the very basics of blockchain space to a good fundamental grasp on the subject.

You can also check out our step-by-step guide here.

Once you are through with these spaces, you can check out the link here for more advanced courses ranging from theoritical understanding of cryptos and blockchain to more technical topics including programming for Solidity, JavaScript and Hyperledger Fabric (the more frequently used languages and platforms for blockchain).

I hope that helps!

Hi Santhosh!

Glad to hear of your interest here! Have a look at our beginners’ learning track Blockchain 101 here. That’s the best place to start for complete beginners. Feel free to reach out if you experience any issues along the way, the community is always here to help!

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