Could we please implement a proper forum on blockgeeks?

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Could we please implement a proper forum on blockgeeks?
I, amongst many others have tried to communicate answers to the community but because of the way the Q&A is structured these efforts are now useless because they are not readily searchable nor is there a clear archive structure in place(the category/tag structure is not well defined). Please revert to a normal forum structure and remove the reward scheme, if necessary, because a useable forum feature is an absolute must for people new to the space. 
I imagine this would also be reminiscent and a wink of sorts to bitcointalk which had been the way most of the crypto avant garde started learing about the space too.

SO please get a proper forum implementation on blockgeeks instead of the Q&A structure we have now. If you agree please reply or make a suggestion


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HI @Sentience Thank you for the feedback!
We are constantly exploring and implementing new features to community driven education fun!
More and better stuff to come soon!

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