De-centralized web

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De-centralized web
Would a completely decentralized web (web3) make sense?


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What you describe is a paradigm shift.For your idea to make sense you require replacing physical servers hosting websites in the current Web with virtual servers which themselves can be manipulated in ways impossible to do with physical servers. I imagine physical servers in a decentralized web host virtual servers.Virtual servers host websites.

The above paragraph is going to be someone’s amazing thesis or white paper.
I sincerely hope someone is inspired soon to actually work on this idea.

I guess my reasoning is like this; a completely decentralized web would mean that a “web node” would have every possible web page stored, and “web miners” would be constantly adding new web pages and transmitting them out to all of the nodes. This would be a huge waste of space and bandwidth for millions of web pages that may never be accessed. Something that might be more useful is for me to have my own “web node” that has copies of all my “usual” web pages, that is kept up to date with an AI to bring web pages to my node, from other peoples “web node” if possible, or centralized servers if necessary, that might be 1 or 2 clicks from my current web pages, or things my AI knows I am interested in. This way, my AI can recommend my web content knowing what is loaded on my web node, and my closest 3 to 5 web nodes. This set of data would be small, and my “web node” could maintain backup copies on remote machines to help minimize data loss and dos attacks. Also my machine could host other peoples backup “web nodes”, in effect creating an exchange server for web content.

The biggest benefit of this approach would be that my AI and my “web node” maintains my browser history. Browser history and click data, the stuff worth money, becomes decentralized, and under my control. I can choose who to share it with, and for how much, and as far as security, the personal web info from 1 person stored on a personal node is practically useless compared to the data from millions stored on centralized servers.

In short (too late?), I see a centralized web that I can interact with in a decentralized manner. Or better put, decentralized the part that affects me and my personal privacy.

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