Ethereum Istanbul hardfork

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Ethereum Istanbul hardfork
Can anyone briefly explain what are the main changes brought by recent Ethereum Istanbul hardfork?
How it will affect regular Dapp user?

Thank you!

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Hi Nelly!

The Istanbul hardfork includes the following EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Protocols):
Resilience to DDos (Denial of Service Attack)
Compatibility with Equihash-based PoW driven cryptocurrencies
Modifications to the gas prices to improve efficiency.

You can find a detailed description of the changes included in the protocol on the Consensys website.

Since majority of the nodes (~85%) have accepted the hardforks, hence the changes will ultimately need to be accepted by the remaining nodes in order to stay relevant and a part of the blockchain.

Regarding dapps, if you have an organization built on Aragon anytime before 11th September, you should contact their support and get things sorted out and update to the latest protocol. You can read more about it in their public announcement here. Similarly, for DAO related contracts may need to be manually migrated to the new protocol as it would render related older contracts unable to send or recieve funds. Best way to go about it is to initiate a new organization (Aragon) and move all your funds, etc. to the new updated protocol.

Also, if you are a parity user, you would definitely need to get their latest patch to make sure you stay compatible with the hardfork invoked changes, especially the EIPs related to OPcodes.

Apart from that, I think remaining dapps are out of the danger zone. However, if you have a dapp hosted through a particular platform, its best to contact their customer support or check out their news update in case any additional actions are needed.

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