has stellar lost their minds

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has stellar lost their minds

Probably the best idea since Bitcoin and stellar is blowing it

we have a great things about the About the stellar blockchain the fastest the cheapest nonviolent blockchain there supposed to be on the market

Now imagine you’re a teacher, you have your students and other teachers and it’s the whole school relying upon you to make sure that everyone’s paid. You did everything Everything rightAnd it was going smoothly

Now imagine that the school is a free school for any child that needs it.

the teacher decides to take it upon herself to design a token on a stellar blockchain to help fund education . Great ideas used in the blockchain for education. so she goes on, she gets her token, she gets her certification, she finds out that the tokens are unknown, so she needs to get to known status. She does her white paper, gets her investors and everyone’s waiting to launch ICo it would help fund education, one of the biggest problem solvers I’ve ever seen in the blockchain history.

Now I’m imagining the story even goes as far as to say hey since it’s for Education The stellar blockchain is going to offer you half off. she opens her wallet and turns out they overcharge your $50 and then send a list Loomis then she was supposed to get .

so she makes another purchase to complete what she needs to pay this debt over 3250lumens about $370 is it costing her about 420 u.s. dollars $50 over what she was supposed to pay and they only send her 3241 Loomis . she’s waiting on the link that they promised for the kycñ

now the kyc says it’s supposed to take two days and that puts her in perfect timing for her launch for her Ico

investors, students, other teachers everyone’s happy everyone’s waiting no word from Stellar. the link never came. so she emails and two or three times a day in two or three times a day they pass her from one Department to the next via email

so she’ll email this person to stay in as soon as you get an email that part department that department two or three days later she hears back you need to email this department and here we are today

Her husband happens to know some of the people there gets involved and sends an email and ignores him also.

so now there’s stuff they haven’t started their Ico they’re paying for the school out of pocket we have three different countries backing them up and they can’t get a known status they can’t complain themselves because they don’t want to affect getting to known status –

so what do you do do you leave and drop that token and create a whole new one on a different blockchain, after everyone you talk to you told
already bragged about how good that blockchain is it makes you look like a fool or do you stick it out and hope they do the right thing and leave your client Sitting Waiting what would you do
blockchain lost it went rogue or did they just not like education or is it the fact she’s a woman what’s the truth would stellar and who’s going to take care of her

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