How can be a successful blockchain Dapps developer?

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How can be a successful blockchain Dapps developer?
We know blockchain Dapps are the future,but every blockchain has been implemented in different way, specifically the programming language. So if I want to be a successful and efficient Dapps developer,which programming language is the perfect  to learn at first?

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Hi Rahimuddin!

If you’ve little to no programming background, the best way to start is from C++ and JavaScript.

C++ gives you the barebone understanding of how programming works. Whereas, for most blockchain related programming, JavaScript is used or a similar syntax. For frontend part of your dapp, eventually you would need substantial understanding of HTML, CSS.

However, the way to start out is C++ and then JavaScript. Once you’re comfortable with either of these languages, (both preferably), you will find it easy to grasp other languages as well.

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