How can I use your webpage to redeem crypto credits?

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How can I use your webpage to redeem crypto credits?

I have tried to redeem my crypto credits from doing the lessons on the blockgeeks webpage, but I keep on getting the error message, saying that it doesn’t recognize my wallet as being valid. But then, right now, when I tried to redeem my rewards it wouldn’t recognize the credits of 13,000 plus I had already earned. The web page told me I needed to earn more to redeem the credits. So I don’t understand what is going on. I had changed the name on my account thinking that the name on my wallet had to be the same as the name on my account. But then I changed it back to what it was, but it still didn’t recognize the credits I have eared. So can anyone tell me how to rectify these things, Thank You.

Answer will be added soon.


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