How does blockgeeks help me to secure a job in Canada if I don't have a work permit?

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How does blockgeeks help me to secure a job in Canada if I don\'t have a work permit?
Hi, I'm an Elite-Pro member from Pakistan. Question may sound stupid but I'm concerned about getting a job invitation from Canada in Blockchain. How will Blockgeeks help in gaining an invite if I'm able to prove myself with my profile? What necessary steps I need to complete? Will I need a blockdegree for that or the courses you offer are sufficient?


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Hi Jahanzaib,

Regarding work-visa, the company you receive job offer from will be required to assist you with visa application (if they offer visa/relocation assistance, that is). Blockgeeks in itself assists in the form of an intermediary to connect you with the recruiting companies. I hope that answers your question.

@Jahanzaib Khan Durrani

You’re more likely to find software engineering or C# etc. developer jobs with knowledge/experience of Blockchain than purely blockchain development. It’s still has some way to go until its as mainstream as other technologies. 🙂
Meanwhile, feel free to check out our job board.

@Jahanzaib Khan Durrani

A company with resources to experiment with blockchain technology would rather hire an experienced developer with blockchain experience. Experimentation requires expertise which isn’t isolated to blockchain technology but rather comes from experience in a field. Ultimately, you need strong developer mindset and a know-how of business workarounds to be able to understand the whys and hows of blockchain’s use and implementation in a business. Like I said earlier, it still has a long way to go before companies start hiring freshmen to indulge in blockchain related projects. However, if your contributions and expertise in the blockchain domain are phenomenal, the experience brackets become flexible somewhat.

To summarize, regardless of experience in the field, build up acumen, use our website to paint a vivid picture of your developer strengths, build and contribute to open-source projects and you are bound to impress employers. Good luck!

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