How to become a blockchain developer (I'm confused and stuck)

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How to become a blockchain developer (I\'m confused and stuck)

Hi guys,

so I’ve been in the crypto space for like 2 years which actually was the reason i’m interested in the concept of blockchain. I’ve read a lot of articles and i do understand what needs to be done. However, I’m a non’tech person with no experience with coding whatsoever (well other than the fact that i worked in a tech firm as an HR Officer/Tech recruiter and i have basic knowledge of what language dev use) looking to make a switch to blockchain development.

From what I’ve read and that i understand, i need to know how to code in Javascript, C#, C++ or any of the web development language and also learn how to code with SOLIDITY if i’m gonna be building on ETH blockchain. Is this correct? and is there any advice for a newbie.

P.S: I’m planning to take blockgeeks courses, i just need clarification as I.m not sure the courses is for a total newbie like me without any coding skills.

Thank you.

Answer will be added soon.


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