How to form and manage a local community?

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How to form and manage a local community?

I am trying to make a difference in my country. I made a LinkedIn group and gatherd some local experts.
Now What?
What should I do next?
I can not exactly host a meeting in this pandemic.


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Any of us can do anything as long as we don’t put limits on our imagination. There will always be challenges, as difficult as they may be, as humans we need them. Be creative, think about the issue you face, inspire the members of your group to communicate and share thoughts and ideas. There is a solution to whatever it is your wanting to do. If it hasn’t been thought of or put into action, then now is your chance. After your new innovation is in progress, pause and thank the difficult times because without them your new reality would still be a dream.

Now go make it happen. 🙂

First grow your outreach. Invite friends and family to join your group and grow to 500+ members. Then, try getting in touch with experts in your city/country. Invite them over for a casual discussion virtually. Share engaging posts related to latest news, job updates and projects going on in this space. Invite enthusiasts to share their stories and their interests as well. It takes some time and will require quite a lot of efforts from your end initially, but eventually, the community will kick off and become self-sustaining.

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