How to make career in Blockchain

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How to make career in Blockchain

Blockchain is a simple concept gaining popularity worldwide. It could be simple, diverse, or complex, depending on its use-cases. Still, in its initial stage, several countries have realized the immense potential offered by the technology and are tapping into the unexplored parameters of this disruptive technology. Research and adoption of the technology justify the fact that Blockchain is set to bring about a radical transformation and convenience in the daily lives of people.

Many countries like India and China have banned cryptocurrencies, while some countries such as Japan and Korea are regulating them, to implement blockchain technology in government applications. Many believe that blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrency as it is the underlying technology for operating cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain is more than just a support system for cryptocurrency operations.

The functionality of Ethereum Blockchain that supports numerous decentralized applications and is more robust as compared to the Bitcoin blockchain in terms of functionality. This functionality of the technology appeals to the governments of countries worldwide. The governments are planning to adopt blockchain due to the numerous innovations and technological advancements it offers. India, too has also decided to join the race and has plans to adopt the technology. I just got from here =


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