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DeFi is the beginning of high finance to those of us who can’t call the bank for any product that puts money into our pockets. Since discovering the options available via DeFi, I’ve made it my primary point of contact for my portfolio. I’ve used crypto to both save and secure loans for personal reasons and I’ve found the process much easier, fulfilling and rewarding as compared to getting financing from a bank.

I have used some of the DeFi solutions myself like the alternative savings; nexo, celsius and monaco.
the analytics; like chainbeat, bloxy and alethio
the stablecoins most of us are familiar with.
the prediction markets; augur and gnosis
the open market places; openbazaar and district0x
and will be an avid user of many services to come!

DeFi is, without a doubt, extremely important to all. It will bring finance to all peoples across the world whom now have to do without it. DeFi armed with an open DLT that is. These open systems create a financial infrastructure that is not susceptible to censorship nor corruption nor nepotism. It solves and combats the parasitic behaviors of the financial systems in place right now. It is able to do micro credit like no one has ever seen before. It can facilitate growth without the overhead of institutions, regulators and borders so that people from across the world can interact and exchange almost anything with each other over the internet with only a few clicks.
I say welcome to the new economic paradigm called DeFi.

” It is well enough that people do not understand our banking and monetarry system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”
– Henry Ford

Is DeFi Useful?

DeFi (a.k.a. Decentralized Finance) is certainly promising, it improves upon our current centralized infrastructure, as well as cover the areas in which it falls short.


* Autonomy, allows you to be your own bank – what’s yours is yours and in your control
* Accessibility, allows 1.7 billion unbanked users to access the global market
* Tradability, allows you to take part in global investments, even in smallest possible percentage
* Transparency, no more fake statements by banks, the blockchain is the source of truth
* Numbers speak for themselves (though double-edged sword) – DeFi apps investments is growing fast and locked up money so far is huge

Disadvantages (I better like calling them WIP (work in progress) concerns)

* Being your own bank is risky for many (lost private keys, forgotten passwords, mistyped addresses)
* Open for all technology is open for all to hack too (remember DAO attack)

Have you used it yourself? and why?

* As an investor in blockchain startups, investing in Ethereum makes me the user of DeFi indirectly. Never used directly for borrowing/lending, stocks, bonds, insurance until now.

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