Is there a payment intermediary for non-crypto people?

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Is there a payment intermediary for non-crypto people?
Most of my customers do not want any more complexity in their lives and definitely do not want to get a crypto wallet etc. So I think there should be a service for them to be able to buy things from me if I switch from PayPal to bitcoin. Is there? Please note that I am not asking if there is a service for buying bitcoin with Paypal to be put into the persons crypto wallet. It is to be put into my wallet. thanks


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This is a good question! If I understand correctly you’re looking for something that will automatically convert any payments that YOU receive into Bitcoin? So YOU receive Bitcoin but customers still pay in their local currencies, correct?

I don’t have an answer, but I think that Sasha might! 🙂

I am using Localbitcoins to convert BTC to fiat. It’s a P2P platform to buy/sell BTC for fiat from local buyers/sellers. The fiat transfer can be from a variety of mediums of payment. For instance, I sell my BTC to buyer A, who in turn transfers equivalent fiat to my bank account (it’s easier since the sellers are filtered as per region so I’m able to get fiat from a local seller thus reducing transfer cost). The exchange rates are mentioned. I think your clients can send fiat to your chosen seller of BTC (in their bank account, etc.) And the seller can send the BTC to your wallet.
1. You request a seller for fiat equivalent amount of BTC.
2. Seller provides his bank/Payoneer/etc details.
3. You provide details to your client.
4. Client transfers fiat.
5. You confirm seller of transfer with receipt or screenshot of transfer.
6. Seller released BTC to your wallet.

The BTC remains escrow for an hour until seller release it to the buyer, who will give evidence of transfer before it can be released. So a bit of time coordination on your part will be required.

Be sure to go for those with 100% ratings.

Hope that helps.

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