My blocks to Satoshi and then Bitcoin

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My blocks to Satoshi and then Bitcoin

Hello all,
I have 1,414 blocks on blockgeeks. As I understood, I have to collect 2,048 blocks to have 90,000 Satoshis. 90,000 satoshi equals 0,001 bitcoin. And that equals to 7,65 $s. Am I going to be able to use freely my Satoshis/bitcoin after I collect 2048 blocks?
I am a real beginner. Will I need a bitcoin wallet or anything else.
For example, there will be a workshop in İstanbul in February (an international workshop) and it costs 9 €s if we pay it with bitcoin. Will I be able to use my bitcoin/Satoshi if I collect 2048 blocks.
Thank you in advance.

Answer will be added soon.


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