Non-developer blockchain jobs and careers?

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Non-developer blockchain jobs and careers?

I’m interested in pivoting my career to work more closely with blockchain technologies, generally speaking. My background is in operations and account management but vast majority of the job postings I’ve seen are for developers. I’m curious to hear peoples thoughts on non-developer jobs in blockchain?

Also, looking forward 5-10 years, what types of roles that don’t exist currently do you foresee emerging either directly or indirectly alongside the development of blockchain technologies?

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I am working as a blockchain developer now, and for now, I see some options.
1) Part of a development team. Besides QA and project managers who are always in demand, the development team always needs a business analyst (BA). All three positions require at least basic blockchain knowledge but they do not need (or requirements are significantly lower) technical skills. They mostly need an understanding of the applications of blockchain and curiosity in up-to-date platforms. Also, BA position is the most demanding for now since development teams always need people with look into the business processes.
2) Part of the product team. Any company/startup needs product specialists which will set the course of the product evolution. They also require basic blockchain knowledge but they act as researchers of the market and business. Such a position is involved in the business (and sometimes accounting) processes.
Of course, when I say “basic blockchain knowledge” I mean a lot of knowledge and understanding, but still significantly less than the developer need.

If we take a look at the nearest future, we may also imagine DeFi specialists, which are closer to banking and accountants than to developers. Such specialists are very valuable as consultants and researchers and sometimes blockchain companies have separate teams of such people.

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