Private Blockchain Deployment

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Private Blockchain Deployment
I am developing a POC using Ethereum. We were thinking to deploy it first in public blockchain using Infura but as it is small DApp and dynamic rates of Ether we go for private blockchain.

1. We should carry this approach and go for private blockchain or rollback to the public blockchain using Infura.
2. For private blockchain, we need at least two servers or we can do it with only 1 server.
3. Also, if we do it with only 1 server will it be decentralized?

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You should look into testnets as Sasha suggested. It would allow you to test your dapp free of cost. For testing purposes it doesn’t matter if its centralized until the actual deployment takes place, which if you do to Ethereum mainnet, the entire network would be hosting a node so technically that would be decentralized.
As for private blockchain, once you are ready to deploy, you can define entities within your organization that are allowed to host the node that would semi-decentralize it but not entirely however, that is how private blockchains work; partial centralization is a part of the design.
If it is a dapp that allows you to earn by selling asset-backed tokens or service-backed tokens, you would need to invest some amount of money (pay deployment cost) to get it up and running and to reach a wider audience (i.e. ethereum mainnet).


Correct me if I am wrong. According to me, Testnets are used only for development purposes not for live products. I was thinking of using Testnets (Rinkeby) for development. The DApp is used for storage purposes where admins can store his/her files and anyone can retrieve and look into it so I think there is no earning of tokens.

@Shubham Sharma

Well, in that case nearly all ETH options are steep in prices however, you can look into EOS since it allows you to sell off your tokens for fiat after a lock-up period of about an year.
Private deployment sounds reasonable. You can create nodes and give admins the ability to host them only that should add decentralization aspect to it. However, it should be functional with just one server. Your dapp will merely interact with the deployed contract on the blockchain. So as long as even one server functions, it works.

You mention file sharing, so I guess trade-off of decentralization for added-security should be acceptable.

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