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So if i am a beginner and have limited knowledge of Javascript and react what free courses on blockgeeks should i take initially? What should be the roadmap i follow to become an expert on blockgeeks

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Hi Ayaz!

You should check out our learning tracks to see what suits your level of expertise! Starting from newbie all the way up to advanced developer track, we have everything covered.

As for free courses, I believe you should start for a non-technical introduction over here first and then head over to here for a slightly more technical side of cryptos and blockchain.

In any case, please reach out over here at ABG to interact with the community, share your learning experience or ask questions! Good Luck!

@Ayaz Ahmed

You can get up to 40% off on annual plans using your blocks. Annual plans gives you access to all courses (except master classes) in the course library along with those added with time for all year around.

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