Serious Question about redeem blocks!

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Serious Question about redeem blocks!

Hello Community,

I see blockgeeks is a good platform to learn about crypto world and especially the technicalities of the blockchain and crypto currency.
Which is good that i agree.
But the same can be learned from binance academy/youtube/other academy of some popular exchanges.
In this case what is the use of 1000s of blocks i earn when i can hardly redeem only 2048 in a month? Too many blocks does not seems to be a motivation point to register as a pro account.
If you think BTC or ETH is too expensive to give for too many users then please think of giving some cheap and good alt coins may be. Just a thought from my side!!!

Thanks for your comments on this.


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@Saarah Rasheed

Thanks for giving good reason not to subscribe as PRO account!
All the very best block geeks.
Mint blocks which are of no use.. go go go…
I am sure i can find all this topics out there in internet for free without any premium subscription just for the sake of blocks of no use!

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