simplest aplication of erc777 standard

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simplest aplication of erc777 standard

I have plan to create custom token based on erc777. Its for purposes of exchange for services by VIP customers.
Im choosing erc777 because by operator it solves the problem of gas-less transactions.
The token must be exchangeble without botherein customers by gas, so they are not required to own eth. Basically it can be piece of excl-sheet and you would just manually log the transactins, but blockchain gives it charm.

Think of my wallet as THE chest
Think of 500 wallets as The pouch (is it possible to make them paper walets and transactions be called by operator?) So they can be build into physical coin with public adress QR?

What would be the simplest and on coding lightest solution? I need to pay for gas so customers have only wallets and even allowed just to extract the coins by operator to chest. And being able to load them back. All transactions idealy done by operator.

Thank you for insights

Answer will be added soon.


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