Talk about Blockchain and coding on SKYPE

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Talk about Blockchain and coding on SKYPE

My question is that; if it is suitable according to Blockgeeks rules:) can we share our SKYPE names to talk on Blockchain Technology/coding, etc.? To develop in the sector, we have to read, sometimes ask and finish courses and quizzes. But there is a proverb in Turkish; “Human beings get on with by talking, animals get on with by smelling each other.”
If you think that would be useful (interacting with each other on Blockchain and sharing experience and knowledge) we can share our SKYPE user names with each other.
Or a more beautiful idea. Blockgeeks website could use a plugin to create SKYPE interactions among each other or develop a plugin (Like L+earn plugin)
I tell everyone in TUrkey that L+earn plugin. Lots of people don’t believe it at first. I am very very grateful for your excellent mission and excellent vision on education.
Thank you.

Answer will be added soon.


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