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Hi, there.

I just got an idea to translate your courses and the whole content of the site to Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian languages.

Also, I have a few ideas on how and where to share translated content but I don’t know do I need some approvement or licence. I know that some platforms ask for a licence to allow publishing other content on their platforms, so I decided to ask you what I can do with translated pieces of stuff.

I’m open for offers such as rewards in “blocks”, crypto or cash for translated content, even I’ll work for you if you want.

I can’t really believe how much I’ll be happy if I earn translating courses or other useful content because that’s the only way to read a text in details, check it, translate, check and read translated text.

The amazing way to learn lessons is to translate them. I can’t find enough time to invest in learning as much as I wish to. I’m too occupated about finding ways to earn money.

I’m here to make BlockGeeks project greater making it understandable for Balkan’s countries where a live large number of people who’s interested in Crypto, trading, earning, etc.

You can send mail to or this mail from the profile.

Thanks and have a good life!


Answer will be added soon.


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