Use Blockchain on the phone

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Use Blockchain on the phone

I want to know which protocol work on the mobile or the phone, tablet ,… for booking for example one driver car (uber) or rent a hotel room .
I’ll use token but I don’t if need interoperability blockchain for this ( need scalability , storage data ?)

Give me one use case if possible or plan

Thank you for help


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There are two ways to go about it. You can either use some merchant solution like BitPay to receive crypto as a payment without involving blockchain of your own. Another way is to have ERC-721 tokens for instance, that represent rental ownership that homeowners / landlords have (or are issued when they sign up) and then the end-users or customers would then be granted those tokens for a period of time they are staying (or mint tokens that are burned after the period of stay ends). It could be hosted on Ethereum blockchain if you’re using smart contracts and ERC-721 otherwise you could develop your own blockchain to do that.

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