Very little coding experience; Can I learn coding solidity or...

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Very little coding experience; Can I learn coding solidity or...
I have very little coding experience. I have HTML and CSS certificates from, UDEMY and I worked some JS and Node.js in Blockgeeks or any other place.  I have started to learn Python and not more. I do Wordpress websites for a long time :))
Do you think; can I be a developer of Blockchain? Or can I be successful after Blockgeek's Solidity coding courses?
Thank you very much.


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Hi Onur,

You should consider enrolling in blockdegree for more thorough and focused content on coding. Although, I would recommend picking up projects to make your coding better. No one is really a pro. As long as you are consistently learning and getting hands-on, you are a coder!

@Onur Kalafat

It’s actually an examination to test out your learning. It comes with some pre-reqs courses that you should follow through and complete before you take the test.

Have you completed the entire Ethereum development track in the learning tracks?

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