What are your targets for BTC and ETH and why?

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What are your targets for BTC and ETH and why?

What are your targets for BTC and ETH and why?

No timeframe just the highest dollar possibility. And explain why? What's your thesis behind this?

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For Bitcoin, I think that around $150000.00 is plausible but over the long term, next 10-20 years. I think it might surpass this figure, but settle at this amount. The reasoning behind this is that Bitcoin has the capacity to take-on the world debt which is currently over 200 trillion. Depending on how the economics and politics play out, not to mention environmental concerns, I think a secure, autonomous means of transaction will become necessary. Its just a matter of if it is embraced and integrated into the global economy, or if it ends up becoming a default fail-safe option, only becoming engaged due to massive economic collapse.

For ETH, I think around $25000.00-$50000.00 is achievable. Its a little more complicated, and thus lower than bitcoin because it serves a different function in that of facilitating contractual obligation. It is also used as a fuel to run an ecosystem and as a collateralized asset in the De-Fi space. Unlike Bitcoin, it does not have a fixed/capped supply so in theory , as a currency, it might become subject to debasement, although there is security in place to prevent this. Its for these reasons that I don’t think it will reach as high a valuation as Bitcoin

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