What channels would be the most effective to deliver new Dapps?

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What channels would be the most effective to deliver new Dapps?
We are testing a way to deliver new dapps to common people, and try to let others learn and understand blockchain through dapps. Wanna know which platforms (social media, news channel ,forum, etc) will be the best to deliver....

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Hi Iris!

Reddit and Twitter has very active community following, where you can reach out to people who are already working in this space or are aspiring to do so. Reaching out to communities helps you assess your products, and more specifically whether using Dapps for the purpose of sharing blockchain knowledge has any additional value than doing it from a conventional application by discussing it with like-minded peers.

Check out this article to see some people to follow to increase your PR. You will find fellow Blockgeeks there! By following the pioneers, you get an insight on how to assess your audience and plan accordingly.

Apart from that, you can also advertise with us by checking out our community outreach page.

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