what class do you recommend to me as a just beginner .

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what class do you recommend to me as a just beginner .
no idea how it works and I'm handicapped I have very severe dyslexia . I'm in no way stupid just slow going lol...so I was wondering if somebody in the community could please give me advice on which classes would be best for me . and if there is any kind of tutors available by blockgeeks.

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Hi Alvin,

You’re well on your way because the best way to get started is to start.
As a fellow dyslectic I might be able to give you some pointers to peak your interest and guide the learning journey;

The best intro blockchain course on blockgeeks:

Great beginners explanation of blockchains:

One of the best intro talks about blockchain

and if you like to get your feet really wet you could try and read the bitcoin whitepaper but this is technical and quite some hard work:

Best of luck and if you’re ever stuck or just want to talk about something shoot me a message at cryptocovenant@gmail.com

Hi Alvin!

Welcome to Blockgeeks!

@Ronald has summarized it quite well and just adding on to that, you are more than welcome to post here in the forums as often as you’d like and inquire, the community is always available to respond to your queries. Furthermore, each lecture video or guide is accompanied by a comment section where you can post your queries as well in case the video/guide has something you don’t understand.

Once again, welcome on board! Hope you have an exciting learning experience here!

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