What courses should a beginner take for overview

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What courses should a beginner take for overview
These areas...so much information...how do I know
what is needed most for the future and which courses will get me there to help others like you do???


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Like anything else, start with the basics and work your way up. The best way I have found to learn, is to follow your curiosity, answer your own question, ask questions of clarification when you’re stuck. I started with blockchain basics and intro to javascript. The javascript lesson gave a good overview of the “evolution” of the web. The blockchain lesson talked about decentralized web and why it was evolutionary. Somewhere in there I ran into web sockets, so I had to dig in and learn how that works.

The best thing that I found, that works for me, is to keep a notebook by my side as I go through the lessons. When an important point is made, I write it down. When a term is used that I don’t know, I write it down, to look up later. If a reference is used, I write it down, in case i want to follow up later.

The best way is to try and figure it out on your own, then when you need to ask a question, like on a forum, you can usually come up with a more focused question instead of a generalized question.

Hope this helps.

I would look at the Learning Tracks within the Blockgeeks website and see which set of classes allow you to reach your goals faster. Taking the classes requires a commitment of effort and time. It is important when you begin you have a study methodology which includes note taking and memorization techniques. If you do not have a methodology I can recommend the works of Barbara Oakley and Cal Newport , They were really helpful when I was improving my own study skills.

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