What is the best version of Linux to switch to from Windows 10?

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What is the best version of Linux to switch to from Windows 10?

It was suggested that Windows users switch to Linux before learning to start programming. There are several Youtube videos on how to switch, however, is there a specific version of Linux that works best?

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It’s all personal preference. There are a lot of versions out there. I learned a lot on Ubuntu which is Debian based. Now I like Fedora which is Red Hat based. Both versions are very popular and have great desktop versions which work very similar to Windows. The commands in the terminal are different though.

Pick a “distro” , install it on an old computer or install a flash drive version and run it on an old windows computer. Install the desktop version, not the server version. Then use ctl alt t or ctl alt f1 or find the terminal and start typing commands. Google and YouTube can teach you anything. Make some new directories on the command line then go to the desktop and find them. Learn to navigate to different directories with commands. You can’t screw up and if you do just install it again and start over. It’s fun.

Install “sl” too just for fun

Play around with it and have fun!

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