Whats your thoughts on the future of Ethereum?

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Whats your thoughts on the future of Ethereum?
Where do you think Ethereum is heading? Will we solve scaling, will more Dapps be used. Would love to know your viewpoint.

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With the incentives for innovation in dapps and the promise of immutable records, sky is the limit for Ethereum. The question of scale is significant, but not insurmountable. When the protocol can run efficiently, I foresee wide-scale adoption for a range of uses. Once larger industries and possibly government entities start buying in, the technology will expand faster.


One that makes the most sense from my undertanding is local land records. I’m guessing that might be the easiest area to break into for a few reasons. 1. In America, county Clerk of Courts are an island to themselves in terms of tech; each county has their own (usually antiquated) databases that may not interface with other counties in the state. This is an opportunity for small pilot programs county by county. Scalability can be adressed incrementally. 2. County budgets are shrinking, but records keep growing. A more efficient and secure system would be a tempting option for lawmakers to save funds in the long run. 3. The possibility for related industry buy-in is high. Real estate, mortgage companies, banks, etc seem likely candidates to use blockchain and could lobby for government adoption.

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