Which Provider should I use?

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Which Provider should I use?
I am a beginner in Ethereum. I want to build Application to write data which can be read by any of the users. The app must be robust, scalable, secure. So, according to my studies, I prefer Ethereum rather than Hyperledger (I am still open for the suggestion). Now there are a couple of questions:
1. Should I deploy it to public blockchain or make the private blockchain.
2.  Will public blockchain cost real ether for 1 particular transaction.
3. Infura is the provider that is used to deploy into the public blockchain. Are there any other providers in the market or Infura is best.
4. If I want to deploy private blockchain, what should I prefer? I read something about Kaleido but I don't think it is good enough.

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Hi Shubham!

1. Depending on the data you would be interacting with, you can opt for either private or public blockchain. If its just transactions, you can opt for public ethereum mainnet, however, if speed is a concern I would recommend private.
2. It will cost you based on the logic you write and how efficient your smart contracts are. Deployment costs (execution of constructor) is the most expensive, and can take you around 1-3% of the ETH price. This is a rough estimate, however, you can deploy your contract on testrpc and estimate the gas cost there. Alternatively, you can web3.js’s property of getGasPrice and write a method to estimate gas cost (price*gas used) to get an idea of how much cost is of your deployment and interactions. Furthermore, faster processing requires higher gwei (gas price) and hence, more expensive cost.
3. Parity is also an alternative for deployment and infrastructure help, I haven’t used either, so you will have to dig in to both and see what works for you. I would suggest looking into their reddit subs for more info.
4. You can look into Dragonchain and Corda for more generic options (not specific to industries).


Thanks for your reply, I want to discuss more the 3rd and 4th points to make sure I am in the right direction of Blockchain.

3. According to me, Geth and Parity are two infrastructures to start a network. Geth is developed using GO and Parity using Rust. Now, Infura is a service that helps us to deploy the main Ethereum Network (I think Mainnet is the first and main production network of blockchain). We can also make our own Node using Geth/Parity and communicate with Mainnet but we have to manage it all the time.

4. What do you think if we deploy it to services like Azure, AWS? Do you think it is more efficient than depending on the services like Dragonchain?

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