who are ethereum competitors

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who are ethereum competitors
who are ethereum competitors and why do think so?


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There’s a lot of great projects out there currently, but Ethereum stills holds a majority of the market share as far as I’m aware. I attended EthCapeTown and they definitely building a strong following.

One of my personal favorites would be Neo, the Chinese Ethereum as it’s better known, one thing for certain, the Chinese are pushing the boundaries in the Cryptosphere, and quicker than most others.

Another great project would be ADA or Cardano, Charles Hoschkins is a fantastic developer and I expect great things from them in the near future. From my research, their code is “bulletproof”

Ethereum provides us a blockchain with a built-in Turing-complete programming language (Solidity). So we should be looking at networks which promise the same or some other significant improvements. Below mentioned are in the top of my list. (NEO being personal favorite for it’s PKI (essential public infrastructure) )

1) NEO
2) EOS
3) Stellar

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