Why Etherium?

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Why Etherium?
I dont understand why everything goes on sentralicez (or in a way sentralizen) chains like Etherium, Tron etc. 
We have BTC clones like Raven who is 100% desnetralized, easy to build on and no fondation. It would be safer, cheaper and censorshipp resistent.


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Using apps based on Ethereum blockchain offers cryptocurrency payments integration into e-commerce, secure cryptocurrency payment processors, dApps with smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum token systems, digital wallets, and more.

I think what you are referring to is decentralized organization. Bitcoin comes with an added advantage of anonymity of founder. So, even though there are developers maintaining it, there is no person or group the performance and progress of BTC is tied to. Whereas, Ethereum has a known founder Vitalik, and people tend towards attributing performance that way. Regardless, both of these are decentralized in nature. Ethereum comes with an added benefit of being able to develop and deploy applications on top of the blockchain, so it isn’t just a medium of hosting exchange but more so with hosting decentralized applications.


What I mean is that hard cap coins will secure dApps from whales who vote for changes who put other projects at risk. Justin Sun and Steem is a great example. If Steem ran on RVN, it would never had happen. 2 Years ago it would never be more than 84 mill Eth. How many do we have no? 102mill (or something) Enigma went from eth chain to cosmos, and the hav to vote over if its going to be possible to swap ERC 20 Enigma to their new SCRT. A lot of decentralized project have whales spread around the world as node runners, who vote for what ever they want.

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