will all blockchains have a future?

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will all blockchains have a future?
Do all big blockchains (Like eth, ada, cosmos and EOS) have a future?
Will we see them linked together by a chainlink, and different kind of needs, or is it more likely to see one big winner? (Like Google ended up to be)


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I can’t see that there would be one big winner of blockchains. With so many use cases of blockchains, there might be one winner in a particular industry, but overall there could be a huge number of blockchain projects all over the world that aren’t related to each other at all.

Just like Google, there may be a blockchain that dominates a certain category, but I think there is always plenty of opportunities for various blockchain companies to flourish.

Not everything will definitely survive, likely that some might change their MO along the way. Bitcoin I assume has sort of achieved that Google-like reputation, so if i had to pick I would say BTC would thrive the most. This is mainly due to public perception most confuse cryptos with BTC, etc. Like when you Google somethin, you essentially search the web. Bitcoin sort of has the same reputation in terms of digital currencies, don’t you think?

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