What Is Hashing? [Step-by-Step Guide-Under Hood Of Blockchain]

Updated on: May 4th, 2020
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What Is Hashing?
Ameer Rosic
#SerialEntrepreneur, Investor, #Digitalmarketing Adviser and Cofounder of @Blockgks a #blockchain innovation hub

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Lucas Ezequiel Pontoriero
Lucas Ezequiel Pontoriero

Well done! Great article.


I’m loving this. Great job.

Rahul Mittal

Nice explanation. Would be helpful if you can provide github link to code from where you can refer to how to create blockchain from scratch.


A great follow up to the Cryptoeconomics course, building up to the block degree 😉

hakeem Trcih

Q-1A: how can other miners know about the new block (new hash) added to the chain? Q-1B: how would they continue mining? Will they restart their computation to formulate/find the new block?
Q-2 How would new miners catch with advanced/older miners (would they be at the same calculation distance with older miners starting after new block is just added to the chain?

Q-3 What is better description, a new block added to the chain or a new hash added to the chain? and why please?

Suggestion for Correction in article:
“Whenever a new block arrives, all the contents of the blocks are first hashed. If the hash is lesser than the difficulty target, then it is added to the blockchain and everyone in the community acknowledges the new block”
I think you mean “If the hash is NOT Less than the difficulty target”

Great Article and thank you for it so much and looking forward your kind answers.

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