Napbots Crypto Trading Bot: Launch & Installation

Napbots Crypto Trading Bot: Launch & Installation

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Napbots has been launched by Napoleon Group, a Fintech specialist that has more than 20 years of developing quant strategies for both traditional and crypto assets. Napbots aims to democratize quant i

Napbots has been launched by Napoleon Group, a Fintech specialist that has more than 20 years of developing quant strategies for both traditional and crypto assets. Napbots aims to democratize quant investing for crypto, focusing on the most liquid ones (BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, EOS, BNB and LTC). It currently offers access to 15 different performing strategies with different time horizons in an easy to use and very secured format. The oldest strategy is more than 2 years old and most of them recorded new All Time High during the recent turmoil.

With Napbots, you will be able to create your own mix of strategies in just one step making you in total control of your savings. Our Napbots service enables you to then automatically execute on the account of your choosing this precise mix. From your mobile phone, you will be able to monitor the performance of your portfolio and adjust your allocation in total freedom.

Tell me more about your proposed strategies?

We started developing quantitative crypto strategies 3 years ago and started displaying our first one to our community in April 2018. Since then we added 14 more. We have learned developing quantitative strategies while working in an asset management company in one of the largest European banks. We tend to develop strategies using prices as the main source of information. We develop both trend following and mean reversal strategies that we mix over different time horizon (weekly, daily and hourly). We also develop families of model that can be replicated on several cryptos for validation purposes. Each of our strategy has its own description and some important KPIs are also provided before you select them.

Napbots Crypto Trading Bot: Launch & Installation

What Exchanges are supported?

Napbots currently supports 5 major exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Kraken and Bitstamp. Soon OKEX and Huobi will be added. These 5 exchanges provide home to all relevant performing strategies pairs. Some of them have been chosen for their proven safety, others for their liquidity which is an important feature in trading. Connecting an exchange to our platform is done in one easy step. You just need to generate an API key directly from your account on the chosen Exchange and fill it in on our platform.


Is my money safe?

Your money never leaves your personal account. Hence it cannot be safer than that. In order to operate, Napbots just need an API key that will be used to send trading orders according to the chosen mix of strategies and to request your account for information on trade execution. You will setup yourself the API key so that you are sure of the associated rights.


How do I setup my Napbots account?

There are 4 easy steps to follow if you want your first trade to be automated thanks to our system:

STEP 1: Opening a Napbots account (Link)

STEP 2: Generating an API key from your exchange trading account

Napbots Crypto Trading Bot: Launch & Installation

STEP 3: Creating your own mix of strategies from our Link

Napbots Crypto Trading Bot: Launch & Installation

STEP 4: Setting your budget and bot allocation

STEP 5: Choosing from one of our Link


How beginner friendly is Napbots?

Trading like a pro has never been that easy. With Napbots, you have access to performing strategies developed with the highest standards in just 4 easy steps. We provide you with detailed information of past 12-month behavior strategy by strategy. Once, you are convinced, you just need to connect your preferred strategy with your Napbots account. You can then sit back and watch our trading engine work for you. If you are a little more adventurous, you can create your own mix and use a little bit of leverage to spice things up.


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