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Lindsay Lohan Launches Exclusive NFT Collectibles on TRON

Andrew Zapotochny
03/18/21 11:04 AM 2021-03-18 11:06:08
Lindsay Lohan is set to continue her crypto journey by launching an exclusive range of NFT collectables. The collection will be offered on the TRON blockchain and the auction will go live on March 20.

Lindsay Lohan is set to continue her crypto journey by launching an exclusive range of NFT collectables. The collection will be offered on the TRON blockchain and the auction will go live on March 20.


Lohan has a history with the blockchain world and has been a proud supporter of crypto adoption. From her famous Cameo appearance to selling her first NFT on Rarible for over $50,000, Lohan is one of the most active crypto celebrities.

Lohan, Justin Sun and the Future Creator NFT Economy

After initially being a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and Ethereum, Lohan has decided to publish her NFT collection via the TRON blockchain. With Ethereum gas fees remaining high, there is a significant barrier to entry into the NFT space for creators. Not to mention ETH’s slower transaction speeds due to high traffic volume. The TRON blockchain offers a lower-fee alternative that Lohan is keen to support.

“Hollywood and the Music industry are finally waking up to crypto and it is in large part thanks to NFTs,” said Lohan. “The whole world has been keen to learn more about the NFT space. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this revolution, helping to bridge the gap between creators and content admirers.

“I am also really excited to be jumping on board with Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, on Clubhouse to further discuss NFTs and the launch of my artwork. Be sure to catch our fun-filled and informative session.”

The Clubhouse event she references will be live on March 18 at 10:30 pm PST.

NFTs Are Everywhere Right Now

It’s clear to see that Lohan is ahead of the game and understands the potential that NFTs offer the likes of Hollywood and the music industry. Famous creators with large fan bases are beginning to catch on and Lohan is leading the way from the creator side.


Leading from the blockchain side is Justin Sun, founder of TRON. Sun has confirmed his support of Lohan’s NFT collection launch and will be providing more details on what is to come from TRON when he meets with Lohan on Clubhouse.

Sun’s affinity for NFTs is well known; only this month, he narrowly missed out on winning the Christie’s auction of Beeple’s digital artwork. In the event, the NFT sold for $69 million, with Sun’s bid falling just short of the target. With Lohan onboard and willing to bat for TRON while promoting her own NFT collection, TRON is well positioned to establish itself as the preeminent network for hosting non-fungible tokens. If the Mean Girls’ actress’s auction goes smoothly, expect Justin Sun to make overtures to other celebs, with the goal of selling them on TRON and the profit-making opportunities that NFTs have to offer.

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Andrew Zapotochny
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