No middlemen. Lower transaction costs. Efficient price discovery. Efficient reputation discovery. Intimate customer relationships. Security. Transparent due diligence. No charge back fraud. Sellers brand not hostage to the platform. Buyers personal information not hostage to the platform. Selective anonymity. Trust. Privacy. Unconstrained consumer choices. Flexible terms. Niche social networks for economically active hobbyists. Drop-shipping (sort of). Affiliate marketing
    No direct taxation by government. That is still constitutional. After all the Soviegn Debt Crisis, and the Pension Crisis proves they can not handle monies in name of allowed Terrorism. They want your cash worldwide. Anyone hear of the other budget aka Yellow Book, CAFR ? Venezuela would be a great study. India got rid 86% of it retail cash overnight as test for the rest of the world, and World government. The train is moving fast where you can not buy or sell without permission of those that will own your bank account. Credit Unions are private verses Bank signature cards where you sign your rights away. 2017 is year the year the G20 will share financial records between each nation to hunt for taxes as we head into downward spiral worldwide. Blockchain networks need counter their mafia style tactics. As proven in history the top cares little for the man or woman on the street. You can see that how they name the bills passed are not what they say, and how they make laws that do not apply to themselves. Luckily as some astute People can tell we are headed into worldwide revolution against corruption, and the status quo. Consciousness of the People have had enough. At least Paypal accepted Bitcoin which helped with Ebay, and other transactions. If People notice the banks are all tied together, and yet can not stop the flow of money into ISIS. Question More as they say on, and The Founding Fathers Described what Patriotism is (?s) .
    Most Welcome!! After all most People no matter what culture just want to live their lives without being bother. Of course i learned from the American Society of Dowsers that it breaks down in 3rds : 1/3 don’t care (Sheep), 1/3 start to wake up, 1/3 think they think, and really the Top are like out of this world, and are the Puppet Masters. At Ozark Research Institute we had a Chinese guy that used his Mastership of Energy, and thought to control People even so far as to get Nude. At lot more out there that meets most eyes. Love to see this BlockChain be an AI that took care of itself along with it’s program for banking transactions for the rest of us with a form of Nobleness.