The Ultimate Guide to App Coins and Protocol Tokens

Updated on: August 7th, 2020
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Brian Austin

Thank you for providing such an in-depth, informative article.

Your article asked for some feedback: “Where do you think the overall ecosystem needs to put their focus on?”

Perhaps much depends on the problem being worked on. Perhaps either this route or that route is in itself too limiting. Perhaps the best approach is to take a step back and ask different questions.

For example, one big issue: how to solve real world problems that exists now, using ways that don’t require we have to trust third parties. This issue of course is central to blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Through the use decentralisation, cryptography, and tokens, some astonishing achievements have already been made. So perhaps, in practice, we can let each problem or challenge best determine how to find the best solutions for each issue.

One good solution could be protocol token dominated. Another may work best using an app coin. Another may find its daylight in a hybrid of protocol token and app coin, perhaps starting off in one state and ending in another.

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