Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert

Updated on: January 31st, 2020
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Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks

In this article, we are going to tell you why you should choose Blockchain certification over degrees and what are the advantages of doing so.

The blockchain technology is one of the most disruptive technologies out there. As more money flows into this space, the demand for jobs will invariably increase. If you are interested in getting into this space, then now is the time that you should do everything in power to train yourself in the necessary skill set. The first logical step for you to take is to get certified in some discipline of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks

Why Certifications Over Degrees?

So, why should you opt for certifications over a normal degree? Surely a degree should be ideal for getting a high-paying job in the space right? Well, not necessarily. There are several reasons why certifications maybe better than degrees:

  • An average certification course may last from anywhere around 4 weeks to 2 years. In some cases, it can be even shorter than that. A degree, on the other hand, will last at least 2 years. Plus, this doesn’t even factor in the amount of time you will have to spend in lectures, doing assignments, etc. A certification is a lot more time-efficient when compared to lectures.
  • Certifications are a lot more readily available. To get a degree, you may have to change your geographical location, join classes and follow the university schedule. Certifications, on the other hand, can be done at home and the tests can be taken online from anywhere.
  • Since certifications last for a shorter time, they are a lot cheaper than degrees. Plus, don’t forget the hidden costs of degrees. The accommodation, food, etc. can shoot up prices.
  • Certifications are more subject centric than degrees. Eg. if you are doing a certification on C++ programming, then you are just going to learn C++. However, if you are doing a degree in Computer Science, then you may even need to take up Environmental Studies or Mathematics for a semester.
  • Degrees are a lot more age restrictive than certifications. Usually, people from all walks of life and age-groups can opt for certifications. Degrees on the otherhand are not that diversified when it comes to age groups. People in their late teens to mid-20s opt for degrees.
  • Certifications are a lot more universally recognized than degrees. If you enter a legit certification program like Microsoft’s or Cisco’s, it doesn’t matter where you do the certification from. You can do a certification from the United States or Angola, it will still carry the same weight. However, if you get a college degree from Angola, it might not be as valuable as a degree from the United States.
  • Modern industries prefer skill over theory. Most degrees are theory-oriented while certifications are skill-oriented.
  • A certification’s curriculum is more exact and up-to-date than degrees. The curriculum of a university is not really updated that often while certifications have no choice but to be as up-to-date as possible.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you don’t need to leave your job to take certification training. We know that a lot of our readers are working folks and it will be tough for them to leave everything and get into a college degree program. On the other hand, it is simpler to get into a certification program.

Ok, so now you know why you should opt for certification over degrees, but this is where we come to our next point. Why should you opt for certification in the first place?

Benefits of certification

  • Certifications can have an instant impact on your career by greatly multiplying your earning potential. According to The Washington Post, the number of people who hold certification has increased significantly. Here are some of the numbers: Nearly 51,000 people earned the credential in 2010, a 46 percent increase in five years.

                a) For men, having certification adds a 25% to their income

                b) For women, it is a 13% addition to their income, but that’s mostly because they are in less technical fields.

                c) According to research from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, about 3 percent of the workforce i.e. 4 million workers have certificates.

  • Certifications will set you apart from rest of the pack. This will give you a significant advantage over your competition.
  • Certifications can help you upgrade your knowledge base and keep you up-to-date with the latest updates in your space.
  • Certifications will also help you build professional credibility and reputation.
  • Shows your superiors that you are willing to train and get better continuously.
  • If you are looking for a career change, then certification in your preferred career choice will put you on the right track.
  • Certification will also help you become a better leader and mentor. With the extra knowledge that you gain from certifications, it will help you better evaluate the skills of others.

Hopefully, by now, you must have understood the importance of certifications. If you are interested in entering the blockchain space, then certification is the way to get one foot into the crypto doorway. To facilitate this journey, we are providing the following accelerator courses. All these accelerator programs have been created to make you an expert in your chosen subject in 5 weeks:

Join Today and Get Certified

Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks


Program goals:

  • Learn how to create your own cryptocurrency
  • Have a complete understanding of Ethereum development, blockchain, and its history
  • Create and deploy smart contracts
  • Be job ready and have built relationships with industry professionals

Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks

Program goals:

  • Learn about the various applications of blockchains, including DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • Learn how blockchain can apply to the Retail, Finance and Healthcare industries
  • Learn what to look for when hiring a blockchain developer, consultant, or any other kind of expert
  • Architect an enterprise blockchain solution for your industry

Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks

Program goals:

  • Explore smart contract foundations
  • Learn inner workings of high profile hacks
  • Learn Solidity (the language that runs Ethereum)
  • Master best practices to avoid blockchain security vulnerabilities

Hyperledger Developer Program

Blockchain Certification: How to Become a Blockchain Expert in Under 5 weeks

Program details:

  • Be able to build your own public blockchain project
  • Create your own blockchain “identity.”
  • Learn the fundamentals of setting up a private blockchain network with Hyperledger Fabric
  • Build a blockchain notary service API on Hyperledger Fabric that can be used to secure digital assets

Blockchain Regulations  Program

Program details:

  • Learn about regulatory issues most important to blockchain stakeholders, including service providers, token projects, developers, exchanges, and investors.
  • Learn about the differences between security and network tokens, and what’s next for both.
  • Learn about guidance from key regulators and policymakers that every blockchain project needs to know.
  • Let an insider teach you about the blockchain business ecosystem, the role of lawyers and operations people, and how to break into the industry.

At the end of each of these accelerator programs, you will be giving the “Blockdegree Examination”.

The Blockdegree Examination

If you are reasonably well-educated in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, then you can take the Blockdegree examination right off the bat. Passing this examination will make you a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer. If you are planning on taking this exam, then you need to know the following:

  • Basics of Bitcoin
  • Basics of Ethereum
  • Basics of DApp development
  • Basics of cryptoeconomics

So, why should you take this exam?

  • Students who have the skills to pass this exam (90 Percent and higher) will receive a personal non-fungible ERC-721 token that will identify them as a Blockgeeks Verified Blockchain Developer.
  • You will have access to an exclusive newsletter tailored for blockchain engineers. This will help you stay up to date with blockchain news, receive access to webinars hosted by industry professionals, and early bird discounted tickets to blockchain events internationally.
  • The opportunities for making high-value networking connections as a Blockgeeks alumni is immense. You will get to connect with people who are as driven as you and are interested in the same space.
  • Finally and most importantly, you will gain a competitive advantage in a fast-growing industry. Get help with job placement, career counseling and exclusive access to our hiring partners.


This is what our students have said about the Blockdegree and Accelerator programs:

“Covers everything from Ethereum basics, programming in Solidity, and how to write your own decentralized app (plus unit tests) built on truffle” – Navid Nathoo, Executive Director TKS.

“Blockgeeks is a great place to start learning about blockchain technology and decentralized applications. The videos give a clear overview of the technological landscape and the tools available, so you can get up to speed quickly and start working on your own projects.” – Morgan Edwards, winner of EthDenver.


“I have learned a great amount from the courses and webinars on Blockgeeks. It helps if you already have some basic programming skills, then you’ll learn how to combine web and blockchain technology without feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to really know Solidity, so watch all of the lectures and research security best practices. Once you’re a bit more confident, you can earn ether bounties by sharing your ideas and code on the awesome BountyOne platform.” – Mark Haines.


“Blockgeek courses gave me the confidence to participate in more Blockchain hackathons and expand my knowledge on Blockchain Solidity development. Well organized, interesting, and easy to follow along with, the Blockgeeks courses allow me to keep up to date on what’s going on in the Blockchain space! Thank you for making us feel so welcome.” – Austyn Wunsche.


Conclusion: Blockchain Certification

Before we continue, we must give you a disclaimer.

Due to the nature of our program, it will not be suitable for every applicant. Therefore not every applicant will be accepted into the program. We are not doing this to be mean, but we only want to save you time, money and frustrations. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you have some prior programming basics, whether that’s javascript, python, or something else.

So, having said that, you need to ask yourself, is this program for you?

If you are fascinated by the blockchain space and want to build a career in it, then this program is for you. We have put hours of work in curating these certification courses while consulting several industry experts. The purpose of these courses is to help people who have little to no knowledge about the blockchain and make them experts in under 5 weeks.

We believe that these programs are valuable investments and can help you create an incredibly fulfilling and empowering professional career.

Let’s get right to work. Here is the course library. Go and choose the accelerator program of your choice.

Rajarshi Mitra
Rajarshi started writing in the blockchain space after listening to Andreas Antonopoulos’ podcast with Joe Rogan. A content generating machine, Rajarshi has been consistently producing high-quality guides and articles for us since late 2016. His articles have been shared extensively in social media and several start-ups have used his guide as learning material for their staff. He is continuously invited all over his country to give talks in various crypto seminars and conferences. He has gained a solid reputation as a speaker/educator on top of being one of the most promising writers in the crypto space. When he is not busy nerding out over the latest in the blockchain/crypto space, he is usually busy watching re-runs of top gear and MMA.

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